Mile 0

January 2, 2009

Inspired by a recent conversation estimating our mileage on foot as a couple, Rachel and I decided we could plausibly walk 1000 miles in a year. So, yesterday on January 1 we clocked miles 0 through 9. We walked along old Klingle Road, which winds through a valley passing below Connecticut Ave at Cleavland Park.  The road  looks long-neglected but has actually been the focus of considerable agitation both by people who what to save the road and those who want to save the valley (for now, I gather, the road looks dead). It was beautiful and we agreed we should return when the leaves return. We walked west past National Cathedral to Battery Kemble Park in NW DC, down to the C&O Canal trail along the Potomac, through Georgetown (because we were cold) to the Metro home. We agreed that Day 1 results are promising. Here’s a map.

View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com


One comment

  1. […] The Dullshick 1000 mile journey marches forward – though Rachel and I have had to adjust to the realities of our busy lives. The goal stands – we’ll hit 1000 eventually – but perhaps not in 2009. Weather, travel, paper-writing, restrictive parameters (we only tally miles walked together and those I remember map on MapMyRun.com), and the simple fact that we both have day jobs have made it surprisingly difficult to get in the 3ish miles per day required to hit the 1000 mile mark this year. […]

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