Tufte, Data Analysis for Politics and Policy

March 30, 2009

Before he cornered the market on the visual display of quantitative information (a decade ago, Times designated him “the daVinci of Data”) and embarked on his endless, wildly successful road show, Edward Tufte wrote a small gem of a book entitled, Data Analysis for Politics and Policy.

Many of our MPA and PHD students at Center for Public Administration & Policy are working professionals. If they’ve taken statistics, they often feel a little rusty – or even a intimidated at the thought of re-learning statistics. Data Analysis for Politics and Policy is a coherent, non-technical introduction to basic statistical concepts important in public policy and administration. Yes, the book is more than 30 years old – but the basics don’t change. More importantly, Tufte apparently owns the copyright – and has made the fulltext available on his website. How enlightened!


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