Congressional Oversight

September 20, 2009

In The Weekly Standard (9/17):

Failing to hold your own party responsible through vigorous congressional oversight is not an imperfection that plagues just the current Democratic majority. Some new research by David C.W. Parker and Matthew Dull in the current issue of Legislative Studies Quarterly investigates the politics of congressional investigations from 1947-2004. Their research demonstrates divided government generates more intensive oversight efforts to invDestigate waste, fraud and abuse than when Congress and the president are controlled by the same party.

The article (again): Parker, David C.W. and Matthew Dull. 2009. “Divided We Quarrel: The Politics of Congressional Investigations, 1947–2004,” Legislative Studies Quarterly. 34:3 (August): 319-345.


One comment

  1. […] seem to occur largely during periods of divided government. That’s certainly consistent with my research with Dave Parker showing increasingly partisan congressional oversight in recent decades, particularly in the House […]

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