Shepherd Street

October 2, 2009
1204 Shepherd Street

1204 Shepherd Street

Rachel and I bought a house this week – 1204 Shepherd Street on the southern edge of the Petworth neighborhood in Washington, DC (technically it’s in Columbia Heights, but it’s a few blocks from the Petworth Metro). It needs a fair amount of work, so we’ll be doing a lot of cleaning/hauling/painting, but we’re super excited. Here’s a picture of the block (actually across the street) when the houses were going up in the 1920’s:

Shepherd Street

Shepherd Street

Rachel has heard me tell this story too many times, but Shepherd Street is named after Alexander “Boss” Shepherd, the “The Father of Modern Washington,” a truly fascinating figure in DC history. Among other things, Boss Shepherd planted 60,000 trees and bankrupted the city.

Boss Shepherd

Boss Shepherd

Here’s a link to Shepherd’s bio on wikipedia and a short column from the Post. A decade ago, after years in exile, Shepherd’s statue was returned to prominence outside the Wilson Building at 14th and Pennsylvania.


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