Shenandoah River

April 7, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Fish

We probably both should have been hunkered over our computers somewhere,  but Rachel and I broke out last Sunday and canoed eight miles down the Shenandoah River. It was beautiful – the river was  high, the leaves are coming out, birds are everywhere, and the inner-tubers are still in school.

Marriage is about negotiation and compromise, so my vegetarian wife contented herself for a couple hours while I fished. And, for a change, I actually caught something. Four  smallmouth bass like this guy were rudely interrupted (and released). He seems pretty irritated.



  1. Did Rachel tell you Mr. Wagstaff’s (our AP bio teacher) human analog to catch and release?

    • She claims no recollection, is there a punchline?

      • Here’s what he told us. (This is one of the few things I remember from AP bio.) A fish’s physical experience during catch-and-release is analogous to a person running the 100m dash followed by having their head held under water upon crossing the finish line. Are the fish eatable, or is the river too polluted?

  2. What about the hook? A 100m dash, head under water, AND stuck by a hook. Fortunately/unfortunately, my capacity for empathy is pretty limited when it comes to fish. When I was growing up, I’d fished a river where eating the fish was out of the question. I honestly don’t know about the Shenandoah. I prefer putting them back so another jerk can do it again.

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