Berkeley Pit – Butte, MT

August 2, 2010

Berkeley Pit

We just returned from a “Rachel’s Roots” tour of Montana, which on Rachel’s suggestion included a stop a Berkeley Pit in Butte, MT – the site of the environmental disaster known as the Berkeley Pit Mine. This huge hole is slowly filling up with water so toxic that in 1995, when a flock of migrating geese  landed in stormy weather on the Berkley Pit Lake, 342 washed up dead. The lake is enormous and beautiful in its own way – well worth the $2 fee now charged for entering the viewing deck.

Butte, MT is a hard-luck place like many other places in the U.S. that used to be occupied by industrial production. Butte seemed particularly depleted to us, particularly as we hunted for some afternoon shade to sit and eat lunch. Lots of surprisingly old beautiful but dilapidated 19th Century architecture.

Butte, MT

Butte’s man-made grand canyon notably pales by comparison to the other grand canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which I found even more impressive. Both of which pale in comparison to to the actual Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


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