Ladies of the White House secretariat

January 22, 2011

From the Library of Congress: February 19, 1938. Harris & Ewing, photographer.

The description accompanying the picture (from another era):

“Headed by Miss Margaret “Missy” Lehand, personal secretary to President Roosevelt, these girl secretaries play an important part behind the scenes at the White House. They hail from five states and include brunettes, redheads, and blondes, with scatterings of iron-gray. In the front row, seated, left to right: Miss Robert Barrows, Secretary to Marvin H. McIntyre; Miss Grace Tully, to whom President Roosevelt dictates his speeches, State papers, etc.; Miss Marguerite Lehand; Miss Margaret Durand, Secretary to James Roosevelt; Miss Mary Eben, who cares for and catalogs the President’s personal books and the White House Library. Back row, left to right: Paual Larabee takes care of the President’s personal files and looks up things; Toinette [?] Bachelder, Assistant Secretary to Marvin McIntyre; Mabel Williams, Secretary to Bill Hassett, Steve Early’s Assistant; Katherine Gilligan, Assistant in James Roosevelt’s office; Prudence Shannon, Secretary to Stephen T. Early; Lucile Lewis handles much of the White House mail, routes it to Government Departments and Agencies for answer when necessary; Louise Hackmeister was brought from Albany to operate the White House switchboard, the first woman to ever man this important line of communication; and Lela Stiles, who assists Miss Lewis in handling the White House mail.”


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