Keep Klingle Road Green

April 23, 2011

Two decades after it was closed due to erosion, the .7 mile portion of Klingle Road that runs below Connecticut Avenue between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park looks like it will remain one of our favorite trails in DC.

The interminable fight over whether to repair the road or to transform it into a walking/biking trail manifests in dueling websites: the “roadie” and the “Save Klingle Valley”perspectives. I wasn’t around before the road was closed to traffic in 1991 and I lived in DC for years totally unaware of Klingle Valley – even as I walked over the green deco bridge from Woodley Park to Cleveland Park on a fairly regular basis – but over the last few years, Klingle Road has become one of our favorite regular walks. We walk through Mt. Pleasant, across Rock Creek Park, and along the closed portion of Klingle Road into the neighborhood east of National Cathedral. The photos above and below are from a recent walk on “Old” Klingle Road – note the aforementioned green deco bridge.

Despite the intimidating “No Entry” signs and the disrepair of the road’s concrete surface, we almost always encounter others running or walking dogs. Like much of Rock Creek Par, it is surprisingly peaceful given how close it is to a few of DC’s busiest (and most expensive) neighborhoods. If and when Old Klingle Road is transformed into a “multi-use” trail it’ll be a great addition to the city.


One comment

  1. This was a part of my bike commute in high school, back when it was a more bikeable path—and a necessary part, because it’s hard to connect between that part of the city and Rock Creek without it. It was the most lush part of the commute, perhaps because I was always the only one there. I certainly appreciated the lack of cars.

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