The Trouble with Bikeshare

August 31, 2011

At first I was a Capital Bikeshare skeptic. It seemed like a flashy and expensive undertaking – when, as a biker, I thought DC just needed some more places to lock-up. Then they moved a couple Capital Bikeshare stands into our neighborhood north of Columbia Heights and I became a convert. What a convenient way to get downtown!

That’s at least how I felt until Monday morning when I had an appointment downtown and decided to use Bikeshare. I got there in a hurry. It was a beautiful day. But when I got downtown- as the gentlemen depicted in the photograph above would have been happy to tell you – all of the bike stands around K and 17th were full. After 20 minutes waiting for a space to open up, I was tempted to leave the bike on the curb. But at that point, I’m on the hook – no? Rachel Dullshick would not approve, so I stood there thinking this was the least convenient transportation option ever.

That was Monday. Today I made a similar trip from our neighborhood to a meeting at Urban Institute south of Dupont Circle. Again, it was a beautiful day and my trip came off without a hitch. The trip took half the time it would have taken if I’d ridden the Metro. Brilliant!


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