Everglades Adventure

January 3, 2012

Long fall, but Rachel and I are just back from a two weeks canoeing and camping in the Florida Everglades National Park. As the photo suggests there were restful moments. This is our campsite on Turkey Key, where we were stranded an extra day by stormy weather. In between, we canoed perhaps 80 miles through mangroves and (much to our chagrin) some surprisingly rough gulf waters. Lots of birds, fish, alligators, and LOTS of bugs – I encountered the first scorpion I have ever seen while building a fire not far from where I’m resting in the photo above. I also learned a lot about the tumultuous political history of the Everglades from Michael Grunwald’s excellent book The Swamp, which I picked up at the National Park Service book shop as we were setting out. What a trip!


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  1. […] in the Everglades National Park, about an hour from where my Mom lives in Naples, Florida. We were revisiting portions of last year’s epic adventure, learning once again that the wind and waves can be a real test. This year’s takeaway: Next […]

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