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May 31, 2011

In the Washington Post (5/29):

“A Virginia Tech graduate student hit save on her overview of the state workers’ compensation commission one spring day, but before her professor could take a look at it, someone else began deleting entire sections, calling them trivial and promotional.

 It wasn’t a teaching assistant on a power trip — it was a Wikipedia editor known only as “Mean as custard.”

 “I had worked on it for almost an entire day,” said Amy Pearson, a public administration master’s student. “It was kind of shocking.”

 This school year, dozens of professors from across the country gave students an unexpected assignment: Write Wikipedia entries about public policy issues.”

What lazy academic subjects students to the arbitrary authority of a nameless Wikipedia editors?

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Office Space

January 30, 2011

Richmond, VA – 1952

“City, crowded office space”

(Library of Virgina)


Virginia Volunteers Armory, Richmond

August 3, 2009
First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory, 1895

First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory, 1895

“The First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory is the oldest Armory structure in existence in Virginia and was significant in the lives of many African Americans for decades. The Armory is one of six original armories in the city and one of two which survive. It is believed to be one of the oldest African American armories in the United States.”