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Keep Klingle Road Green

April 23, 2011

Two decades after it was closed due to erosion, the .7 mile portion of Klingle Road that runs below Connecticut Avenue between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park looks like it will remain one of our favorite trails in DC.

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Even more local wildlife

April 4, 2011

A muskrat spotted tooling around just outside the Greenbelt Metro stop this weekend…


Congo Chancery

February 20, 2011


During a walk through Rock Creek Park and down 16th Street on Saturday, Rachel and I were struck by the disrepair of this otherwise beautiful residential structure at the intersection of 16th Street and Colorado Avenue, NW, which the sign in front intriguingly identifies as the Republic of the Congo Chancery. Who knows why this place hasn’t been kept up, but it’s hard not to find some symbolism. Read the rest of this entry ?


Taras Shevchenko Memorial

February 15, 2011

Taras Shevchenko Memorial, Washington DC

From the “Rachel Flex Day” Series (2/11/11)


See, officer, I can too take that picture!

January 28, 2011

As enthusiasts of American government, DC’s most avid resident tourists, and (very) amateur photographers, Rachel and I have occasionally incurred the misdirected wrath of the people employed to protect government buildings. So, news of this Federal Protective Service memo, “Photographing the Exterior of Federal Buildings,” is particularly satisfying. “See, officer, I can too take that picture.” David Dunlap of the New York Times Lens blog quotes New York Civil Liberties Union’s Christopher Dunn, “Given the many reports of harassment, we encourage photographers to carry this directive with them, particularly if they intend to take pictures where they’ve had problems in the past.” The printer is humming as I write…perhaps I’ll laminate my copy so it holds up.


Adjusting Expectations, the Journey Continues!

March 30, 2009
Childrens Hospital over McMillan Reservoir

Children's Hospital over McMillan Reservoir

The Dullshick 1000 mile journey marches forward – though Rachel and I have had to adjust to the realities of our busy lives. The goal stands – we’ll hit 1000 eventually – but perhaps not in 2009. Weather, travel, paper-writing, restrictive parameters (we only tally miles walked together and those I remember map on, and the simple fact that we both have day jobs have made it surprisingly difficult to get in the 3ish miles per day required to hit the 1000 mile mark this year.

Anyway, by relaxing the parameters a bit we’re enjoying the journey at our on pace. Saturday we walked in the mud on the Mall, passing through the soggy Kite Festival and stopping in to check out the not-to-be-missed Robert Frank, The Americans exhibit at the National Gallery. Sunday afternoon, we took one of our best walks yet – up through Petworth, past Howard and the McMillan Reservoir, through LeDroit Park, Shaw, U Street, and back to Columbia Heights. We’re (casually) looking for potential homes – and were surprised by how appealing we found LeDroit Park – a neat, historic little neighborhood. Our total to-date – just over 150 miles.


Free Walking Tour 1/19 – “Slavery and Freedom in a Washington Neighborhood”

January 5, 2009

Rachel and I went on this walk last year and found it fascinating. Among other things, the walk features a discussion of the large African-American cemetery near Walter Peirce Park. The work of local activists and Howard University archeologists to preserve this important sight is worthy of much greater attention.   Check it out!


Mark this historic inauguration week by joining us for a free, hour-long
walking tour, "From Slavery to Freedom in Adams Morgan," on Monday, January 19
at10:30 a.m.starting at theSunTrustBankPlazaat 18th StreetandColumbia Road,
N.W. Washington,DC20009.  About an 8 minute walk from the Woodley
Park/Zoo/Adams Morgan Red Line Metro Train.  Metro Buses nearby 42, L2, H1 90,
92, 96, or 98, get off at 18th andColumbia Road NW.